How we're making finance fairer

Product ratings

We make it hard to get 5-stars

A maximum of 15% of products in any sector receive 5-stars from us - and often far fewer. That means our ratings are more challenging and meaningful for customers.

New Customer Experience ratings

Which provider has the happiest customers?

Our latest set of Autumn 2021 Customer Experience Ratings is now live. Find out how transparent providers are being, how well they handle complaints, and whose customers trust their provider the most.

Money Mentor

Our partnership with The Times & Sunday Times

The Times & Sunday Times have launched a new personal finance site, Money Mentor. All of Fairer Finance's ratings are published on the site - including some new ratings created specifically for the partnership.

Research reports

Our research reports take a close look at important issues

We partner with businesses to carry out research reports which expose areas of consumer detriment, and which seek practical solutions. Our reports influence decision-makers in government and the regulatory sphere and can be the catalyst for change.

Improving customer outcomes

Our work with business

We've worked with some of the UK's largest financial service providers - helping them to communicate clearly with their customers.

About us

Who are we and how do we make our money?

Read a message from Fairer Finance founder, James Daley.

Our work

Some of our happy clients

We've worked with some of the largest financial providers in the UK. See a list of some of them.